Southeast Michigan Engineering and Innovation

The Southeast Michigan Defense Industry is the Arsenal of Innovation. This is where the future of defense is being made. Southeast Michigan is leading the way in giving our nation’s military a decisive edge on the battlefields of today and tomorrow. To get an idea od how Southeast Michigan Engineering and Innovation is pushing the state ahead, take a look at this Ford video:

Southeast Michigan is the Arsenal of Innovation. With major players like TACOM LCMC, TARDEC, General Dynamics Land Systems, BAE Systems, Navistar Defense, Oshkosh Defense, AM General, and SAIC, the Arsenal of Innovation is leading the way to provide cutting-edge technology to the warfighters of today and tomorrow.

Nowhere else will you find a stronger talent pool of engineers and dedicated professionals with a deep knowledge of new technology. It is our resolve, our vision, our ingenuity and our people that make Southeast Michigan the Arsenal of Innovation.

The talent, innovation, and technology that have made Southeast Michigan the world’s epicenter of the automotive industry are the identical assets that have helped Southeast Michigan’s defense industry expand and flourish.


Michigan’s strength is innovation. The Southeast Michigan region has a strong talent pool of engineers and dedicated professional with a deep knowledge of new technology. The future will focus on engineering, robotics, cybersecurity, modeling, and simulation.

If breakthroughs are being made in defense technology, it’s happening at the Arsenal of Innovation. We are pioneers in the field of unmanned robotics, designing combat-zone ready robots that will dramatically reduce battle-related fatalities. When it comes to modeling and simulation engineering, our expertise is exceptional.

U.S. Patent Office

Detroit has become the first city outside of Washington D.C. to have an official U.S. Patent Office: one that will serve as a hub of innovation and creativity.

  • Detroit was chosen because of its strong base of innovators, engineers and patents applications.
  • The city was awarded the office because the region ranks second in R&D; spending and files over 3,000 patents annually.
  • The office protects and fosters American innovation in the global marketplace.
  • It helps businesses cut through the red tape while creating new economic opportunities.


TACOM opened their 30,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Ground Vehicle Power and Energy Laboratory (GSPEL). This facility is at the forefront of identifying, testing and evaluating alternative energy sources for the Army and its partners.

GSPEL, holding one of the world’s largest environmental chambers, represents the cornerstone of the U.S. Army’s next generation of power, energy and mobility initiatives.

  • Designed with the capability to test combat vehicles of all sizes and purposes.
  • Its eight labs allow TARDEC engineers, technicians and scientists to conduct unique research and test programs.
  • Functions as a single data point for TARDEC’s overall energy strategy within the larger strategies of the Energy Department and U.S. Army.

University Research Corridor

The URC (University Research Corridor) is an alliance between Wayne State Univerity, the University of Michigan, and Michigan State University to strengthen, transform, and diversify the state’s economy. There have been times that the schools were subject to investigations die to indecent behavior and failing to deal with that properly, but the three URC partners formed this strategic alliance for the understanding and improvement of the critical roles the universities have performed and will continue to reform in revitalizing Michigan’s economy.

BAE Systems engineering, program management, and prototyping campus

BAE operates a  164,000 sq. ft. facility that focuses on design, prototyping, and engineering for ground combat vehicles. This site includes an auditorium, virtual-reality dome and quarter-mile testing track for ground combat vehicles.

General Dynamics Land Systems Collaboration Center

General Dynamics Land Systems opened MC2: a new model of collaboration across a wide variety of industries. This new process enables speedy and agile innovation for military vehicles and systems product improvements. Take also a look at this post on Wind Energy Solutions in Michigan. If we want to keep our innovative industries to flourish, the much-needed energy supply must be innovated as well!

Southeast Michigan Defense Collaboration

It’s our collaborative spirit that sets us apart. Members of Southeast Michigan’s defense industry meet regularly to share ideas and develop partnerships that further their own initiatives and business growth.

  • Focused on innovation and business development, this regional taskforce ensures Southeast Michigan remains a leader in the defense industry and is positioned for the future.
  • Meets regularly to discuss upcoming issues and facilitate initiatives.
  • Comprised of entities from all key disciplines of manufacturing, technology, and business.
  • The taskforce includes members from:
      • TACOM
      • Major Defense Contractors
      • Economic Development Programs
      • Workforce Development Programs
      • Defense Industry Partners


    Southeast Michigan has one of the highest trained and best-skilled workforces in America. Southeast Michigan has six public universities with a strong focus on educating a high tech workforce from engineering talent to highly skilled manufacturing labor. The Michigan workforce includes some of the nation’s best product designers of the future.

    Workforce Development – Statewide
    The State of Michigan is dedicated to developing the highly skilled and technical workforce that is demanded by the defense industry. The State has 212 institutions of higher learning of which 15 are public universities and 31 are community colleges. For workforce members who didn’t finish a high school curriculum, there are numerous locations where committed instructors and volunteers are giving all they’ve got to ensure these individuals will earn their GED and become contributing community members.

    Southeast Michigan – University Center
    The University Center is offered in partnership with four-year colleges and universities providing residents of Macomb and neighboring counties enhanced access to specialized higher education by offering upper-level bachelor’s master’s, doctoral, and P.hD. degree academic programs.