Simple Ways To Feel Fresh And New

Occasionally, we can enjoy reinventing ourselves. Now, of course, we don’t have the money to undergo a complete transformation, as fun as that would be, but there are little things that we can do (some more than others) to make ourselves feel refreshed. These things may very well help us feel less restless with our appearances and our lifestyle. So let’s look at a few simple ways to feel Fresh and New.

Try something completely new

Personally, I like routines, but sometimes routines can be boring. When I’m feeling stagnant, I like to try something new. This could be anything. Sometimes it’s as simple as visiting someplace I have never been before in my home city or cooking a new recipe.

Sometimes it’s more extreme like purchasing a Groupon for an activity I never thought I’d try. Doing things like this keeps life very interesting and I even end up discovering new interests and things to love. This also helps me stay focused on the things I really like to do such as my contributions to my community as a volunteer.

Try this: extreme house clean up

No one likes cleaning. Well, I guess some people do, but I certainly don’t. I end up tossing things around as the days go by and eventually I feel so cluttered and overwhelmed that it’s difficult to get things done without going wacky.

So about once a month, I have an extreme clean up. This means I reorganize things and get into every nook and cranny with surface Windex. I throw stuff out. I light candles. I do everything. By the end of my extreme clean-up day, it’s like I live in a new apartment. I don’t want this to come off like I never clean at all, I do. But on this one day, I take cleaning to a whole new level. It’s amazing how revived a clean and uncluttered environment can make you feel.


When it comes to changing up my look in a simple way, nothing beats a manicure. I’m obsessed with gel manicures because they look beautiful and they don’t get messed up and start chipping the moment I decide to use my hands for something.

I own a manicure lamp and my collection of polishes specialized for UV light is growing rapidly. At this point, you may even be able to say that I have a bit of a problem. The next time you’re bored with your look, why not try a funky color and at a little pop into your life?

New haircut/hairstyle

I cut my own hair. This probably sounds very risky to most people, but I’ve been doing it for years now. I started after a series of bad salon visits left me with a distrust of letting anyone else handle my hair. It took a bit of practice, and I do need to enlist the help of a friend or more often, my sister, to make sure that everything in the back looks decent. It’s a lot of fun.

Cutting your own hair means that you can change the length on a whim without paying anything. However, the real point of this isn’t about cutting your hair on your own. It’s about changing your hair, no matter how you do it.

Changing how you style your haircut, or taking a visit to your (trusted) salon, is a wonderful way to feel like a new you. Go for a look that you love, even if you’re nervous to try it out because the change is drastic. Remember that it’s just hair, and it’ll always grow back!