I decided to volunteer helping people get their GED

I used to be the typical quitter. I left my high school when I was 17. I earned my GED, so all career choices were obviously open to me, but I decided to volunteer and help others by supporting their online learning. I work with Best GED classes and a few days a week I chat and talk to people about their challenges.
It came to me after being isolated in a dreary job search, trying to figure out what is next in my life.

A year ago, I sat in Starbucks cafes, in my apartment, in other friends apartments searching for the next great career move. What I ended up finding was just another job that will look good on my lackadaisical resume.

What I ended up finding was just another job that will look good on my lackadaisical resume. Here I am again, after moving across the country, on the search for a high paying, paper pushing profession. Except for this time with a completely new insight. Why do I have to constantly make decisions that look good on paper, or looks respectable in the eyes of my peers and community?

Why am I so insistent in satisfying the standard quo, and making sure everyone’s opinion of me is affirmative. I have strived to do the “right thing” most of my life just to get everyone off my back.

But this is my life! What about what I want, what I would like to accomplish? What about conquering and doing what I know I have the potential to do?

It is a fork in the road. Do I continue to satisfy everyone else or do I make the leap of faith and go after what I have always dreamed about. Fear has kept me from pursuing my real dreams in the past, but I am tired of downplaying my abilities, and forgoing my passions because there isn’t an immediate payout for it. I am sick of wasting my energy on fruitless jobs just because it is better than being unemployed with a wild idealist plan.

The more I mature and see life for what it is, the more I believe in the quote, “you can be whoever you want to be”. You can amount to something spectacular that makes you happy and joyful to go to work.

I have seen it all around me. The amazing changes people are making to better their own life. And guess what, all you have to do is set your mind to it and trust your gut instincts.

Step outside of the box and think about life. What does it mean if you have the perfect resume but was never happy? What about investing in yourself, giving yourself a shot at a bigger life, and allow yourself to make mistakes along the way.

Maybe it is the quarter century crisis that most twenty-year-olds hit, or maybe I am just recognizing that this may be my chance to go for the big leagues.
Either way, it is going to be interesting.  I think that as much as I have gone through already, I might as well go for it all. What is there to lose? I can always go back to the 9-5 gig.