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Scholarships in Michigan

Michigan scholarships are a potential funding source for education and ensure that graduates do not drown in debt. Like all other students nationwide, several students attending college or residing in Michigan might need some financial aid to help them during their college life. All details that you require deciding upon one scholarship can be availed here. Have a sneak peek at some of the major scholarships in Michigan to benefit the student community.

Tall Clubs – International Student Scholarships

On an annual basis, at the Tall Clubs International convention, abbreviated as the TCI committee, awards scholarships to the “Tall” students. The amount is $1,000. This is applicable for those students who are under 21 years of age and who will attend their first year of college in the next fall. Interestingly, the recipients need to meet the height requirement guidelines.

To be eligible, women have to be at least 5’10’’ in height and men have to be at least 6’2’’. Indeed, this is a unique award as the taller the student is, the greater is his chance of a scholarship. Additionally, application deadlines vary and the only way a student can get this scholarship is by approaching a local TCI member club.

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Volunteer work in your community

Doing volunteer work in your community is a great way for former managers to support the residents and organizations within their communities. This service is frequently deemed necessary to support senior staff to improve the lives of less privileged individuals in their neighborhoods. In this sort of situations, this more extensive but still cost-effective version of “Outplacement Service” is highly recommended and appreciated.

In Michigan, there are several workshops available (usually covering just a few consecutive days) that provide more in-depth training and coaching for volunteers, such as hands-on support for residents on main fields such as how to prepare a good CV, the application process, networking, pathways onto the employment market, and how to write a good letter. Of course would a copy of ‘Your Career Control System’ need to be included in the package.

These Managerial Outplacement Workshops require a great level of attention, so the groups are generally limited to up to 8 participants and are offered at no cost to former managers and executives who want to dedicate their time to the well-being of their communities.

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Cranbrook Institute of Science Watershed Education Programs

This is a post about Watershed Education-Learn about Water Quality and the Great Lakes! Cranbrook Institute of Science (CIS) is located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and dedicated to the continuing process of scientific research. At CIS, the “rules” of scientific inquiry are a constant, but the science changes every day. Science changes as researchers explore theories with new knowledge and technology. So here, we’ll review the Cranbrook Institute of Science Watershed Education Programs.

Science changes as scholars make important discoveries. Currently CIS supports on-going scientific research in disciplines including paleontology, geology, and anthropology.

CIS researchers communicate their discoveries to their peers through academic presentations and publications. They will also share them with you through volunteer experiences, exhibits, and programs.

Watershed Education Outreach Programs

Water on the Go! Programs, developed around the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectation Benchmarks for Science and Social Studies, are a part of the Institute’s Water on the Go! educational outreach program.

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Southeast Michigan Engineering and Innovation

The Southeast Michigan Defense Industry is the Arsenal of Innovation. This is where the future of defense is being made. Southeast Michigan is leading the way in giving our nation’s military a decisive edge on the battlefields of today and tomorrow. To get an idea od how Southeast Michigan Engineering and Innovation is pushing the state ahead, take a look at this Ford video:

Southeast Michigan is the Arsenal of Innovation. With major players like TACOM LCMC, TARDEC, General Dynamics Land Systems, BAE Systems, Navistar Defense, Oshkosh Defense, AM General, and SAIC, the Arsenal of Innovation is leading the way to provide cutting-edge technology to the warfighters of today and tomorrow.

Nowhere else will you find a stronger talent pool of engineers and dedicated professionals with a deep knowledge of new technology. It is our resolve, our vision, our ingenuity and our people that make Southeast Michigan the Arsenal of Innovation.

The talent, innovation, and technology that have made Southeast Michigan the world’s epicenter of the automotive industry are the identical assets that have helped Southeast Michigan’s defense industry expand and flourish.

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Localized SEO in Michigan

Continuing the conversation at the University of Michigan–Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept, I would like to talk a little bit about localized SEO in Michigan. Google has evolved over the years and has become more focused on not only providing accurate results but also localized results.

It used to be that if you performed a search for a term like ‘pizza places’, you would end up getting results for pizza places anywhere from Los Angeles to New York. These days, Google is tied to where you are as a user and search results will offer up your local pizza options.

If you would like to know about pizza restaurants in an area outside of your locale, you may need to extend your search keyword and add a geographic tag. For example, if you are in Novi, MI but would like to eat pizza in Dearborn, MI, a likely search would be ‘pizza places in Dearborn’. The results displayed will be a mixture of paid ads, localized results, and organic results.

A very noticeable portion of the localized results will be a map with markers that indicate pizza places in the area. The top organic listings may not be a restaurant’s website but a third party directory website like Yelp or Trip Advisor. The restaurants that dominate these results have the strongest localized SEO strategy.

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Wind Energy Solutions In Michigan

In 2008, Michigan passed a Renewable Portfolio Standard in hopes that it will help the State make major advances in renewable energy development over the next decade. This requires electric utilities to have generated at least ten percent of their energy from renewable sources or negotiate tradable renewable energy certificates by 2015.  So let’s see if they’ve managed that through, for example, wind energy solutions in Michigan.

In order to accomplish this, research was and is still going to be needed to find new sources of energy. One source that has been recently proposed and can be easily accessed is wind energy. With the development of wind energy, Michigan has the capability to create jobs, help boost the economy and become the leader in renewable energy.

There are two kinds of wind energy, onshore and offshore wind energy. Onshore wind energy is hard to generate due to the constant changes in the wind and tends to be not efficient. For example, some days are not as windy as others. Wind in the summer sun tends to be almost non-existent in Michigan, causing the turbines not to produce energy to its maximum capacity. This will cause people to end up paying more for their electricity.

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True Natural Gas – Still Booming in Michigan?

Due to improvements in drilling technology and newly discovered pockets, there has been a natural gas boom in the United States over the past decade. Increased supply has driven costs down and caused some states to begin the switch from traditional coal-fired plants to natural-gas-powered ones. Michigan’s aging coal-fired plants make it a prime location for natural gas expansion. But is true natural gas still booming in Michigan?

However, natural gas drilling has actually decreased since the initial 2008 boom as environmental concerns, the slow conversion of coal-fired plants and a gas glut has led to decreased demand and controversy surrounding the industry. Still, several plants have already switched over to natural gas even amid these concerns, though the Trump administration has turned things around.

Michigan’s natural gas is primarily located in the northern Lower Peninsula and according to the Public Service Commission, accounts for about 15-20% of the gas consumed in Michigan. The rest of Michigan’s supply comes from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Canada.

This trade imbalance is due to Michigan’s relatively high overall energy consumption due to its northern climate and energy intense manufacturing sector. Still, the Public Service Commission notes that Michigan stores over 10% of the nation’s natural gas supply in underground facilities, more than any other state. In the winter, this gas is then sold to both in and out of state energy suppliers, helping meet Michigan’s high heating demands.

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So what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of building and maintaining customer relationships through a variety of digital media channels. Devices that are capable of serving up digital ads include desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, and the list is growing! So what is digital marketing?

As internet users surf the web, their behaviors are recorded and are quantified into data. This data is used by digital marketers to target the right person, with the right message, at the right time. Returns on advertising budgets are increasing due to the precise targeting methods used by best digital marketers.

Best Digital Marketing Programs in Michigan is devoted to the best programs for digital marketing in the state of Michigan. I’ve explored educational programs (CMU-College of Medicine) but I also want to discuss digital marketing programs that can be used to reach an audience. It is not enough for a business to just have a website in this day and age. There are also need to be digital pathways that lead to and extend from that website. This is where digital marketing comes in.

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Live a life of gratitude

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I am a Christian. Not a right winged, over the edge, will-never-win-anyone-to-Jesus-because-I’m-in-your-face kind of Christian, but simply a serious follower of Jesus. In my opinion, regardless of one’s religious beliefs, it’s imperative to live a life of gratitude, because without gratitude there’s all too much in the world to be crabby about, and I choose not to go through life being crabby. Life’s too short for that.

I have been writing in a personal/private blog for about 5 years and have published nearly 1800 posts, and I started this volunteering and employment blog about half a year ago as well. I love having the archives of my thoughts because I can go back and reflect on my life as it was back then. It is one of the great benefits of blogging (much like journaling, which I did (paper and pen!) for many, many years).

Sometimes, it’s funny, sometimes it’s uncanny, and other times, it might be a little out of the ordinary. While I was reading through some of the older posts from a few years back before we had our second child (who happens to be a girl), I ran across a post entitled What Would Make Life Closer to Perfect. It was so interesting to read that 3 years later.

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Michigan Universities – Sexual Assault Investigation

A few years ago, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights released an impressive list of 55 institutions of higher education institutions that were under investigation for possibly violating Title IX requirements for handling cases of sexual misconduct.

Among the 55 institutions were Michigan State University and the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Title IX is a 1973 law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex and is most often associated with the rise in women’s athletics in schools and universities. Title IX has also been used by the Department of Education to tackle the problem of sexual violence on college campuses.

The logic used by the Department of Education is that because Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, any hostile environment created on the basis of sex is a violation of Title IX. That is, sexual harassment, assault, or misconduct creates a hostile environment for the victim due to the victim’s sex and the Department of Education has authority over institutions to ensure they respond to complaints appropriately.

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