Power Digital Marketing Programs in Michigan

In our search for the best power digital marketing programs in Michigan, we explored the well-rounded undergraduate degree available through the University of Michigan – Dearborn in the post titled ‘Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept’.

We continued our search by moving north to Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Central Michigan University does offer an undergraduate degree in marketing, however, they do not offer a degree in digital marketing. However, CMU does offer an Undergraduate Certificate in Social Media.

The certificate is available to students who attend on or off campus and to online students. The curriculum dives into the history, evolution, and the impact that social media has had on our society. Social media students will create a personal portfolio, training materials, social media policy, and develop a strategy for a firm.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Social Media is a fifteen credit hour program. There are four, 3 credit hour classes: Social Media in Society, Media Managing the Message, Media Legal and Ethical Issues, and Social Media Practicum, Portfolio and Plan.

An additional 3 credit hours are required and they can be obtained through a course that compliments the social media certificate. Many new jobs are expected to come from Wind Energy solutions that are developed in Michigan. Social Media plays an important role here so take your chances!

Although the certificate may not be the best digital marketing program available in Michigan, it is a favorable complement to an existing CMU degree. Depending on a student’s major, courses taken for the certificate can fulfill other degree requirements. The certificate is then awarded at the time of graduation.

The social media certificate can also stand on its own as an asset for digital professionals. Students have the opportunity to obtain the stand-alone certificate through admission as a CMU Online Non-Degree Seeking Student. This stand-alone option is a great option for those that are looking to increase their social media knowledge but it should be known that non-degree seeking certificate only students are not eligible for financial aid.

Social media is playing a bigger and bigger role in the business world.  What was once an option for businesses, is now becoming a necessity. Social media can help a business grow in numerous ways and Central Michigan University is sending professionals into the field that are equipped to help firms increase their social media presence. For more information about Central Michigan University, visit www.cmich.edu.

About Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University (CMU) is one of Michigan’s public research universities and located in the city of Mount Pleasant. The school was founded in 1892 and is among the largest and leading universities in Michigan and one of America’s one hundred largest public universities. CMU has a student body of over 20,000 students in Mount Pleasant (the main campus) and almost 8,000 students that take one of the school’s online courses. CMU has partnerships with more than 60 academic institutions across the world.

The university offers some 200 academic degree programs at various levels (undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and specialist) including nationally accredited and recognized programs in journalism, entrepreneurship, music, psychology, audiology, teacher education, and physician assistant.

CMU’s School of Engineering & Technology offers academic programs that hold ABET accreditation in Electrical, Mechanical, and Computer Engineering. In 2013, the American Society for Neuroscience awarded CMU’s neuroscience program the prestigious name of “program of the year” and in that same year, the school opened its College of Medicine.